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Tunnel & traffic technology

Tunnel & traffic technology.

Tunnel and traffic technology is the core competency of PORR Infra GmbH. Our employees collectively have more than 110 years of international experience in this sphere. We are very familiar with technical standards such as RVS, RABT, EABT or BS, as well as contractual forms such as DBM or DBFM.

We have tender and project experience in Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Ireland, Lithuania, Mauritius, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Sweden.

Our services for roads and railway.

  • Medium-voltage systems
  • Transformers
  • Terminations
  • Compact stations
  • Low-voltage systems
  • Low-voltage distribution
  • Frequency converters
  • Industrial plug-in devices
  • Line stations
  • Light controllers
  • Safety power supplies
  • Emergency power generators
  • UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Earthing and potential equalisation
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Luminance meters
  • Illuminants
  • Constructions (e.g. fastening systems, elm sheets, snow protection equipment)
  • Tunnel ventilation systems
  • Ventilation flaps
  • Monitoring of air conditions (e.g. CO/haze/visibility measurement, differential pressure measurement)
  • Traffic guidance (including escape route orientation lights, information boards, LED traffic lights, traffic light signalling systems)
  • Noise protection equipment
  • Traffic sign supports (e.g. signage, gantries)
  • Audio and video surveillance (including video systems, emergency call systems)
  • Fire detection systems (e.g. fire alarm systems, line fire alarm systems, hazard detectors)
  • Information transmission (e.g. network technology, Profibus components)
  • Environmental data acquisition (e.g. speed measurement, traffic counting/detection)
  • Control and automation technology
  • Control centres / SCADA systems
  • Cables and lines (e.g. data cables, fibre optic cables)
  • Building and niche installations (e.g. general lighting, raised floors, project walls)
  • Construction work (e.g. building construction, civil engineering work, milling/drilling/cutting)
  • Renewable energy (e.g. alternative power generation such as wind power)
  • Other services (e.g. fire tests, health and safety coordinator, TÜV inspections)